Pass It On


24 x 33 cm
First Edition

Inge Meijers
Lebohang Kganye
Marianne Ingleby
Pablo Lerma
Yara Jimmink

Texts by:
Ernst van Alphen
Mariama Attah
Hilary Roberts
Drew Sawyer
Sadiah Boonstra

Curator & Editor:
Daria Tuminas

Design: Kummer & Herrman

Featured on:
Lens Culture

This publication is co-published with FOTODOK
“Orbiting around the theme of collective memory, this exhibition gives space to different artists to make visible their processes, animating the slippery, often contradictory nature of the archive.”

Cat Lachowskyj on Pass It On

Pass It On. Private Stories, Public Histories is a follow up to the exhibition of the same name, which took place at FOTODOK from November 2020–February 2021. As the show largely happened during a lockdown, FOTODOK wanted to find alternative ways to open it up to our audience. We created a virtual tour where visitors could immerse themselves in the digital space. We also developed a platform that would provide a much-needed personal and tactile experience of the works. In other words—we translated the exhibition into printed matter.

If you were unable to visit the show, it can now travel to you instead. ‘Pass It On’ is a collection of unbound materials. They are folded and brought together so that they can be “read” in a linear way, just like a book. But they can also be taken apart and placed on a wall, allowing you to enjoy a private exhibition at your own home or workspace. While deciding upon the publication’s form, we also considered the environment: a silkscreened box case is simultaneously the work’s cover and its mailing package.