Martínez Bellido

13 x 16.5 cm
80 pages
First Edition - 300

Texts by Cat Lachowskyj 
“Rather than trying to freeze the passage of time, Bellido immerses himself in its degradation – it’s true aliveness – directly. After going through the albums and selecting images taken in rural settings, he slowly builds a cloak of invisibility over his subjects, making their silhouettes symbiotic with their backdrops.”

Cat Lachowskyj in Emil

Emil is a publication created with a set of vernacular photographs that displays a subject and its family posing and documenting joyful moments in rural environments. A pictorial intervention by the artist, Martínez Bellido, erases the different subjects photographed in every image and blends their figures with the existing landscape.

An outdoor space becoming the protagonist of the entire image as a natural scenario, and also, as a visual space where these subjects where once photographed but now, they are just transformed into pictorial traces and shadows evidencing their erased presence.

People we know they exist but can only be imagined by looking at the traces left in these photographic prints.

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